June 26th

6.02 n
140.57 e
5.5 knots at a heading of 100 degrees
Burning 1.3 gallons per hour
Mainsail deployed for stability in light winds
1-2 seas from all directions.

We are heading slightly south towards the equator to get better weather and get out of the ITCZ. Speed is really good and weather has cleared up nicely. The equatorial counter current is pushing us along nicely. Boat motion is finally good enough to try and do some fishing. Lots of sandwiches so far. Too rough to cook up to now. Not sure how much farther south we will head. Depends on the weather. Amazed at the fuel consumption especially considering I am fully fueled with 2000 gallons and probably displace 40 tons.
Stocked up on dvds before leaving China. Got every season of lots of shows. Game of thrones is really good!
Craving an in and out burger. Not a good sign considering how far we still have to go.