June 23rd. Humming along at 6.3 knots burning only 1.3 gph. My boat has a John deere electronically controlled 120 hp 4 cylinders Diesel engine. I thought I would have to go farther south to pick up the counter Equatorial current. My fuel economy is so good I figure I will stay right here at 6-7 degrees north until things change. There are many squall lines around us generating a cauldron of 2-4 seas coming from every direction amid driving rain. Not fun on the first day when your stomach has not adjusted yet. We are rocking and rolling. Not too proud to take a seasick pill. There wind from every direction so yyI cannot deploy the sails to help stabilize us. The paravanes stability system can also be deployed. But, the drag of the paravanes fish will slow us down .5 knot. On a 6000 mile ocean crossing that is a lot in a 6 knot boat. If things get really bad we will just bite the bullet and deploy them.
The exit from Palau went well. The key is to have a good sunlight angle, flybridge and forward scanning sonar. The exit Pass through the atoll reef on the east side of the island is about 30-70 feet deep with the reef just breaking the surface on both sides.
We will break up the trip with a first stop at Eauripik atoll to see how the diving is. I love stopping in middle of nowhere places like this.
Current stats

7.08 north
134.57 East
90 degree heading at 6.3 knots.