September 9 blog

Here are some pictures of Moby Duck at the Ala Wai marina in Honolulu. It has been a nice stay here. The marina is located between downtown and the very touristy Waikiki ara. Most everything is within walking distance. The weather has been great. The transient boat dock is at the very end of the marina against the breakwater. Very quiet and very easy to go swimming. The first picture is of Moby Duck side tied. I was supposed to med moor like the boat next to it. Moby Duck weighs 40 tons which is a lot for this type of mooring. It is also very difficult to back into this type of mooring and secure the stern lines to the dock and the bow lines to the mooring when the wind is blowing without hitting the boats on both sides or hitting the dock behind you. Since there was no one around I just side tied and used the mooring buoys to secure lines to keep me about a foot off of the dock. The downside to being so close to the ocean is there is a lot of surge smacking the boat into the dock, For example, the sailboat in the picture is properly moored.

This picture is the view I have from the marina down to Diamond Head.