Large head seas and strong trade winds coming from the northeast hitting us directly on the bow continue to slow our progress. The weather report says things are supposed to die down tomorrow. We have our fingers crossed. Currently burning 1.7 gph at 3.2 knots. Very slow!
After losing our expensive fishing lures we decided to put out the $5.00 lures I found in the bargain bin at the Ace Hardware in Majuro. Of course we caught 2 beautiful Dorado totaling 45 lbs one after the other. At the very beginning of this trip in Hong Kong I wondered about how much I would be able to supplement my provisioning with fresh caught fish. The answer has turned out to be A LOT. So far on this Hawaii to California leg we have only had one dinner from the stuff I bought at Costco. The rest of the dinners have been from the freshly caught fish. Crew member Jordan had become an expert at cleaning and filleting them. I do the hard work. I catch them. It is nice to be the captain. The minute i get them close to the boat Jordan nets or gaffs them, promptly wrestles them to the cutting board and with a blood thirsty look in his eye chops off their head. The transom platform on a Diesel Duck is only about 6 inches above the water line so it is constantly awash
. Makes the perfect place for cleaning fish. Access to it is from a nice set of stairs and it is surrounded by a waist high railing making it a very safe place to work while at sea.
30 03 n
142 20 w
Heading of 65 degrees.