The weather has moderated somewhat allowing us 3.7 knots burning 1.6 gph. As long as we are able to burn 1 gallon per 2 nm we will have a nice fuel reserve and not cut it too close. We have about 1300 miles to go and about 1000 gallons of fuel left. Total Honolulu to Ventura Harbor is about 2300 nm. I did not top off my fuel tanks in Hawaii thinking we usually do 3-4 nm per gallon. Did not expect to encounter such strong head winds and seas. The weather report looks good for the next few days so hopefully our speed will get even better.
The normal wind pattern in September/October in this part of the world is that the trade winds come from the northeast until you get farther east north. Once u get farther east the wind shifts to coming from the north. Once this happens we will really pick up speed. Not only will the swell and wind be off our bow but we will be able to fly all of our sails. The long range forecast I have show this wind shift happening 325 miles further east. At our slow speed we will have another 3 days until we reach that point. I see our normal speed of 5-6 knots in our future! Hope to arrive Ventura very early October.
BTW sorry for the bad grammar and spelling. With the satellite phone system’s email composition software with bad text editing features and the associated hotspot only being compatible with my iPhone it is difficult to compose and proof read these blog posts.
Only mechanical issue is that our last engine room fan ventilation spare has died. These were not marine grade but engine automotive radiator fans. I was unable to replace them due to the unique size required. In the future I will have to reconfigure the whole system to accommodate a marine system. We now must have the engine room door open at all times. Real pain with the noise. The good news is that the temperature is staying in a safe zone.
29 16 n
144 54 w
On a heading of 79 degrees direct.