Still bashing into 15 knots of trade winds and large steep 8ft breaking swells. Speed is way down to low 3+ knots and fuel consumption is up to 2 gph. The wind and swell is from a generally NE direction. Of course, this is the direction to Southern California. Our only options are to head due north or due east to avoid these horrible conditions. Neither one of those directions gets us home very quickly and we do have a limited amount of fuel and I would like to get home before I die of old age. We have changed course to a mostly north direction with as much easting as possible to get north of the trade wind belt ASAP. Weather conditions are forecasted to improve starting tomorrow.
We now entertain ourselves by trying to be the first person who can determine what a large piece of trash floating by actually is. The amount of trash is very sad. Google “Pacific Ocean garbage patch” and u will understand what I am talking about. The scary thing is that there is a lot of prop entangling old fishing nets and thick ropes and buoys floating by. Many pieces of trash are the size of a clothes washing machine. I like to time my passages so there is a large portion of the moon showing, that has helped us see some of the larger pieces during the night watches.
Heading 35 degrees
28 35 n
147 04 w