It is the morning of the 13th and our 3rd day at sea. We continue making slow progress bashing into the trade winds and the swell that develops from them. We are only going 3.8 knots burning 1.5 gph. With some of the larger swells we are below 3 knots at times. At least we are on a more direct route to San Diego. Hoping that as we get further north the trade winds will diminish some. Starting October the general pattern is for the trade winds to start diminishing around 32 degrees north. San Diego is at 32 n. During the summer months the winds will be strong all the way to 40 degrees north. With the wind directly on the bow the sails are useless. To be effective we would have to go too far off course. Being at 25 degrees now moving at our slow speed we have a long way to go. The good news is that as we head more northeast the hurricane behind us is heading northwest.
Caught a nice dorado for dinner last night. Seared in a fry pan with butter right after it is caught on a bed of steamed rice made perfectly in my idiot proof one button rice cooker with a only a little soy sauce for seasoning makes the perfect meal. Just lots of reading, card games and DVDs. Really nice to be stocked up from Costco with all of the goodies with both like.
24 56 n
156 03 w
At a heading of 54 degrees.