The first day at sea is always the hardest as your body acclimates. We decided to skip Kauai and begin our trip to San Diego. A tropical depression formed off Mexico that will develop into a late season hurricane. Should be near Hawaii in about a week. Instead of a direct route we will have to go days out of our way to get as far north as possible first to avoid the hurricane. The upside of doing this is that this time of year the weather is better farther north with diminished trade winds. We will head north with as much easting as we can manage. We have strong NE trade winds and swell to deal with at this location. These are the normal conditions here. I tried to steer a direct route to San Diego into the trade winds. Picture large wind driven swells constantly breaking over the bow. Not fun. We could only manage 3+ knots. Heading more north is only slightly better but worth it. Heading more north will serve many purposes-avoid the hurricane by as much as possib
le. More speed and better fuel consumption. More comfortable ride. Able to use the sails for stability and propulsion with wind on the beam instead of the bow. The downside is it will take longer to get home as we go this more roundabout way. Better safe….
22 53 n
158 05 w
Burning 1.5 gallons at 4.2 knots.
Heading 40 degrees.