September 10 blog

We will be leaving this morning for Kauai and then off to San Diego. Depending on the weather we will spend a couple of days along the Na Pali coast and in Hanalei bay on Kauai. The spare parts arrived for the bow thruster. I installed them yesterday. We had been planning to leave on Thursday but I got a head cold. We will now leave first thingh friday morning. Started have an ear ache and sinus problems. Wanted to make sure I was in perfect health before leaving for a 2-3 week open ocean voyage. It might have had something to do with my spending an hour in the polluted water in the harbor fixing the bow thruster. It appears to be just a 24 hour thing, I am already feeling much better. The weather forecast looks as good as to be expected going the wrong direction again into the NE trade winds. Everyone talks about what a great trip it is going to Hawaii from the W. coast of the USA with the trade winds and swell coming from behind you. No one talks about the trip home. According to all of cruising guides September/October is the best time of the year to make this crossing with the trade winds not being so strong. September is still huricane season so we will have to keep an eye on what is brewing in Mexico. Once we are a week or so out of Hawaii we will be far enough east and north to to be out the the hurricane zone. I will be bloggin everyday from my Sat phone again.
Cruising does not just make you a better boater. Jordan noticed the change in himself recently. You notice a lot of other changes too. One of these changes is that you become much more vigilant and aware of your surroundings with all of your senses. On the boat you are acutely aware of all of the noises. The sound of the boat through the water, the slight vibration of the shaft, prop and engine through the deck into your body, the exhaust noise, the hum of the engine etc. You are completely in tune with this and immediate know if something is not right. When you are on land and cruise off the beaten path you must be constantly aware of the people around you. Places that I have cruised like the Philippines, Mexico, Central America, Malaysia and Indonesia can be dangerous. As my military friend put it, most of the people around you are like the herd but you must be also be aware of the few people who are there to hunt. Jordan immediately noticed the two women at the ATM in the big mall here withdrawing a large sum of money they were flashing around and then casually throwing it into a bag leisurely carried over their shoulders. Hawaii has a big homeless problem. He also noticed the two homeless people who watched them and followed them as they walked away. He commented that he was never so aware of his surroundings growing up in middle class America. I think this is a good skill to have.