Arrived in Honolulu on August 27th safe and sound. Tied up at the first place we saw at the Ala Wai Marina and called Customs/border protection. This is required within 24 hours of arrival. We must fly a yellow quarantine flag on the boat and cannot leave it until we get clearance. Both Customs and an inspector from Agriculture arrived within a couple of hours. Agriculture was just concerned with whether we had any fresh fruit or vegetables on board. After three weeks at sea we obviously did not. They were very professional and courteous. So nice for a change that no extra “fees” were required. I love the USA! Total cost of $27.50 for a cruising permit because my boat is non USA registered. I will have to check in at every USA port I visit.
Jordan and I retired to our respective staterooms and would not be seen again until after 14 hours of solid sleep. We then headed over to the nearby mall’s food court and pigged out. By the time we were done we both had food babies. Burgers, fries, onion rings, shakes, sundaes, soft drinks.
Fortunately we had a decent weather window for our crossing especially considering it is hurricane season until October. Now, there are three hurricanes here or on the way. First, hurricane Madeline just passed Hawaii with no issues. It is headed west and will not effect us.
Hurricane Lester coming this weekend will be a problem. It is projected to cross our projected path to San Diego. We will just delay our departure and stay safely in the Marina until it passes.
The third “hurricane” is Obama. It just so happened that the guest dock at the Marina was going to be taken over by the secret service during his visit. We got the boot. Traffic is terrible and everyone on land and the water in the immediate area has been effected. We headed over to KEEHI lagoon and are currently staying at the shipyard there where I am having some boat maintenance done. We will head back to Ala Wai on Friday once Obama has departed.

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