Less than 300 miles to go. The only problem is that there is forecasted to be a storm with 30 knot winds and heavy seas in the Channel Islands area. It is supposed to last for three days. We need to cross this area to get to the harbor. We will head farther north over the next day or so than we need to. As the storm comes in we will than be able to take a more southerly route putting the wind and swell on the stern until we can get in the lee of Point Conception. After that we are home free and can just follow the coast until we reach the harbor on October 2 or 3.
Over the last couple of days the wind has only been about 15 knots but the seas have been large and confused really beating us up. The weather has not cooperated well this trip.
We have been able to make 4-5 knots burning 1.7 gph.
33 08 n
125 50 w
Course heading 70 degrees