32 24 n
129 56 w
Heading of 80 degrees
We are currently experiencing increased wind and swell that is coming south from Alaska. The trade wind shift has occurred with it now coming from the north allowing us to get more sail up. The swell is still coming from the northeast, the direction we are heading, so that is slowing us down somewhat. I am very happy with our current speed of 5 knots burning 1.6 gph motorsailing. Less than 500 miles to go now.
Diesel Ducks are available with three different sailing rigs. The first option is the steadying sail rig. One mast is placed at the aft end of the pilot house. This is a very inefficient place for it to be so the only function is for stabilizing the boat. You could also get some down wind get home ability if you were to fly the jib too. The second sail rig option is the motorsailing rig with the mast at the forward end of the pilot house. The third option is the full ketch rig with the mast in the most efficient position placed on a compression post on the salon top about 4 feet in front of the pilot house. A second mast is placed at the aft end of the pilot house. That is what I have. I am extremely happy with my decision. The boat motor sails great. It has the ability to really sail just in case I have a mechanical problem. My 5 blade fully feathering prop helps in this regard. My electronics work much better than your typical trawler. I able to place my antenna
s 20+ feet off of the deck