It is Monday evening and after almost 2 days of gale force winds and big seas things are beginning to die down. The only good news has been that the wind has been from the north. When it comes from any direction but the northeast we can use the sails for stability and motorsailing. Speed has been around 4 knots burning 1.5 gph. Over the next two days there are supposed to be more storms crossing our path coming south from Alaska. Lots of fun with only 700 miles to go.
We have been catching some really big tunas. One fish has enough meat to last us 3 days. We have now only used our store bought provisions for two dinners because we have caught so many fish. We have been at sea for 16 days.
The engine required an oil change. The interval is every 250 hours. Something about shutting down a perfectly running engine in the middle of the Pacific and doing maintenance work is very scary. Handling the 5 gallon oil buckets was a nightmare in the rocking boat. Fortunately everything worked out fine with only a minimal amount of oil ending up in the bilge and on us. We took the opportunity while the boat was stopped to jump in the water with mask and snorkel and do a prop, shaft and hull inspection. Everything looked fine. Great peace of mind.
32 09 n
133 03 w
On a course of 85 degrees to better handle the rough seas.