Our 13th day at sea. A weather pattern has developed. At night the wind and seas die down some allowing us to make 5 knots at the same rpm with reduced fuel consumption. During the day it is the same bashing into the usual head seas and the trade winds at 3.0-3.9 knots burning 1.7 gph. The wind has shifted to coming from almost due east so we are able to get stability and some speed from the main sail. In a couple of days the weather pattern will change to the wind and swell coming from Alaska from due north hopefully allowing us much greater speed.
We still have not used much of our food supplies. Fresh Dorado Alfredo for dinner. I take the cooking fish off the flame the second the flesh turns color. It just melts in your mouth.
Even after all of these days at sea the boat motion is still tiring. It is like 24/7 isometric exercise as your body constantly adjusts to maintain stability and muscles loosen and tighten. Eliminating my usual unhealthy fast food diet and adding the constant exercise has led to a 10 lb weight loss. You really don’t feel like doing much but reading, watching DVDs and sleeping. No boat motion stabilization system would eliminate the fore and aft hobby horse type motion you experience in these steep head seas. Our sails and paravanes do a great job of reducing the side to side rocking. This would be a great time to do boat chores but the motion just makes it impossible to do anything productive.
I am having dreams of double bacon cheeseburgers, fries, onion rings, and a big thick thick chocolate milk shake.
30 50 n
139 46 w
On a heading of 70 degrees direct to Ventura Harbor.