As I mentioned in my previous blog, we have fine tuned our fishing system enabling us to catch a nice size fish a day. This morning I deployed our fool proof state of the art lure looking forward to a nice Dorado burger for dinner. About an hour later I heard a strange noise and noticed my moderate duty fishing pole was bent almost at 90 degrees. Jumping out of the water, having swallowed my whole lure, being dragged behind the boat was some type of swordfish. He had a large nose and looked to be about 5 feet long. Much too large for my moderate duty tackle. Three things happened at once – something crunched in the fishing reel’s internals, the pole broke in half and the 80lb test line snapped. Fish 1. Jeff 0. I learned a valuable lesson this trip. I will go out and buy the heaviest duty stuff I can. I have lost enough gear to fill a small fishing shop this trip. In the open ocean you have no idea what size fish you are going to catch so u need to be prepared for the
largest. Looks like being a fisherman is out of the question and I will have to keep my day job. I love those TV shows chronicling the lives of commercial fisherman.
Weather conditions have calmed down and we are on a course direct for Ventura Harbor. We had planned to head to San Diego but I was able to find a great slip in Ventura. Plus, Ventura is much closer to all of the great diving and fishing (!) in the Channel Islands. We are now cruising at 4.5 knots burning 1.6 gph. There are still 10-15 knot trade winds and a 5ft swell on the bow. In about 5 days we will be far enough north and east in the area of the trade wind belt where the seas and wind will be coming from almost due north and on our beam and not the bow for a welcome change. This should enable us to get all of the sails flying and greatly increase our speed and increase out fuel efficiency. Only 5 days to go! The sails have made a huge difference in stability (comfort), speed and fuel efficiency every time we have been able to deploy them when the wind gets at least 30 degrees off of the bow.
We should be far enough east in 5 days to safely have the remnants of the hurricane pass to our west.
Course heading 70 degrees.
27 28 n
150 51