In the past 24 hours we have had everything from 8 foot steep short interval breaking seas with 20+ knots of wind to 2 foot swells with 5 knots of wind. When u start burning 2.0 gallons per hour only going 2 knots and u have 1400 gallons of fuel to go 1900 miles it is time to start worrying and get out the paddles. The sails do not help because the wind direction is so variable. Fortunately those bad conditions did not last long and we are back to 4.7 knots burning 1.5 gph. We could do a lot better but remember we are going the wrong direction in the trade wind belt. It is interesting that even at this far north you have those isolated vicious rain, swell and wind storms that are not part of the weather forecast. The only difference is here they are much larger and last longer than those farther south.
We have changed our course again and not on a direct route to San Diego. With the hurricane/tropical depression following close behind us we want to get as far north as quickly as possible. Also taking a more northerly course gets us out of the trade wind belt as quickly as possible. It would be really nice for just a couple of days before this trip is over to have both the wind and swell helping us versus bashing into it for months on end with only short breaks. It might seem I am violating Jef’s boat rule #1 of “no whining” but 9 months of this is a lot.
We had the most unbelievable dorado fish tacos for dinner. After 9 months of trying we have finally refined our fishing to the point where we can catch a fish a day. But, because we can only seem to catch one species of fish we are becoming very creative in the way we prepare it. Dorado burger is next.
26 19 n
153 37 w
Heading of 52 degrees.