We had planned to arrive at Ventura harbor today. After three horrible days of bad weather we decided we could not end what has been a great voyage on such a bad note. The bad weather was pushing us to the islands of the Channel Islands National Park. We decided to take advantage of this and not fight it for another day by stopping to anchor in a well protected beautiful cove on Santa Cruz Island with crystal clear water and a kelp forest for diving. I have spent most of my life in Southern California. I think the cruising and diving in this area is some of the best in the world. I also wanted to give crew member Jordan, who I taught to dive on this trip, an introduction to California diving and the spectacular kelp forests and sea life. This area has most of what Mexico and Alaska have to offer but is much safer and has better weather. We have had a really nice calm sunny day. Nice way to end the trip with a Jef’s famous spaghetti dinner. Both of us had almost forgotten
after three weeks at sea what a boat is like that is not moving and does not have the engine running. Shutting down the John Deere engine after 3 weeks of almost non stopping running was strange. The only stop was for an hour to change the oil a week or so ago. No issues with it whatsoever after 10335 miles and 2161 hours of running in the two years since I took delivery of the boat. Tomorrow morning we will leave first thing in the morning to arrive in Ventura in the very early afternoon.
Currently at anchor at Coches Prietos Cove on the south side of Santa Cruz Island.