Moby Duck for sale

It is amazing how your whole life can change in the span of a month. A small health issue is diagnosed as a symptom of a major life threatening illness. As I battle this illness I am not going to be able to use the boat. And, at this time I do not know what the ultimate outcome will be, to be blunt, how much time I have left. I love the boat and have been using it frequently. The diving and exploring at the California Channel Islands is spectacular. A fantastic lobster season just ended. Cruising around the islands only burning a little over 1 gph at 6-8 knots motorsailing. Sailing with the engine off with the extensive sail area of the ketch rig and contribution to efficiency of the fully feathering prop, being able to do 3.5-4 knots is unbelievable in a 40 ton trawler. Once anchored the solar panels and wind generator provide all of the power I need for the boat. I only need to start the generator for the dive compressor. The sale is one of the saddest things I have ever had to do. Moby Duck either met or exceeded all of my goals for the perfect boat for my type of cruising. The ocean is my life. I am not looking for sympathy. Just want to make the point that life is short and you should not put off your dreams for too long. You never know what is around the corner.

Moby Duck is going to be the perfect boat for someone at a great price. It depends on your type of cruising. I met my goal of combining the bulletproof sea keeping abilities and “green” attributes of my previous Hans Christian sailboat with the luxury and comfort of my Nordhavn 55 that I extensively cruised. I have a trawler which can be completely powered with renewable resources if need be, and that has unlimited range. After having crossed the Pacific and accumulated over 10,000 miles under the keel all of the bugs that any new boat has have been addressed. The boat has been perfectly maintained and still has the majority of its $10,000 spare parts package intact. It is comparably equipped as a similar sized Nordhavn, Selene, or Krogen but at a fraction of the price and with much safer construction and design. I would really enjoy spending as much time as necessary helping the new owner to get to know the boat as well I do. If you are reading this you are probably a Duck fan. Below are some pictures of some of the highlights of my boat as compared to other Ducks and other high end trawlers currently on the market.

– fully equipped pilothouse station
– fully equipped flybridge station with forward scanning sonar and full instrumentation and large bimini top. Makes entering an uncharted anchorage very easy.
– full bow and stern thruster controls at both stations along with a wireless remote making docking stress free
– diesel furnace – the boat is set up for both tropical and cold weather cruising especially with its heavy spray foam insulation, quiet and efficient heating with a small flame in the window that looks like a fireplace
– stern watersports platform with hydraulic crane – put a tender there or leave it clear to make an excellent scuba dive/fishing platform. You can put a tender on the bow, on this platform or on the davits hanging off the stern.
– the interior is set up for 2-3 people to be able to “kick back” versus uncomfortable built in table and settee combinations for entertaining large groups. There is the one table in the pilothouse with 360 views for dining. Note the custom carpets with rubber backing, fabrics and soft goods in the picture. Handcrafted teak and granite interior.
– full paravane system for underway and at anchor stabilization
– super efficient 24v redundant refrigerator and a custom heavily insulated freezer.
– 24v watermaker efficient enough to run off the solar panels and/or wind generator
– redundant autopilots
– full size washer and seperate dryer in custom cabinet

Go to the specifications section of this blog for a full list. 

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Wireless remote for the Bow AND stern thruster