July 1st. 9th consecutive day at sea.
06.36 n
151.43 e
6 knots burning 1.3 gph. 5 knots wind and 1-3 ft seas
Very strange conditions with wind and swell coming from behind us or from the southwest giving us a push. In this part of the world 99% of the time both run east to west. We had planned to fight the wind and head seas since leaving Palau but have been really surprised with the strength of the counter Equatorial current pushing us, the light winds and small to nonexistent head seas. Fuel consumption and speed have been excellent.
Spent most of the day cleaning up the exploding battery mess. Need 4 new 8d size batteries. At 100lbs and $800 each this will not be fun. Now the problem is that the new batteries have to be the same size and type as the old ones to properly operate as one large bank and to fit in the tight existing space. There are 4 different types of batteries. The existing batteries have no markings on them whatsoever so I need Seahorse’s help in telling me what they are. I sent them an email this morning but got no response. The remaining two banks seem to be working fine with 400 amp hours of capacity at 24 volts and are holding a full charge with no problems.

waywayway to Ponephi.