6.14 n
145.25 e
Running at 5.7 knots burning 1.3 gph
Heading 84 degrees
Variable direction 5-10 knots of wind with 1-3 ft seas on the nose.
Both mainsail and mizzen deployed for stability and a little bit of a lift.
June 28th. 6th consecutive day at sea. Just when I thought our fishing situation could not get any worse it happened. There must have been 100 tuna in the school swimming alongside the boat. They were playing in the bow and stern wake like dolphin usually do for over an hour. I have never seen that type of behavior from tuna before. I could swear they were laughing at me. They were completely ignoring my very expensive lure which advertises an “irresistible rattle” “extreme adrenaline pumping action” “aggressive swimming motion”. How could any fish resist that? There was my fresh sushi dinner within arms length swimming alongside the boat. Jordan, my one crew member, watched me cussing at the fish, thought I was losing it and wanted to know about locking his stateroom door at night.
The weather has really gotten good with less squalls and clear sky. We are still taking advantage of the Equatorial counter current. We will not be stopping at the atoll I previously mentioned since I have had to stay farther south to stay with the current. We are stopping the boat for a swim for about a half hour or until something big and hungry comes by almost every day. Snorkeling in the crystal clear warm 6000 ft deep water looking down into the blue is spectacular. Also a great time to inspect the bost’s running gear.