July 3rd. 11th consecutive day at sea. Slammed by squall after squall today which really slowed us down. We are also intentionally slowing down for a daylight arrival in Ponephi. There is a tricky pass through the atoll’s surrounding coral reef. It is interesting that the weather report shows 0-10 knots of wind and does not account for these storms. These squalls are very localized and run from 1 to 10 square miles in size. We enter from relatively calm conditions hit almost gale force winds, large swells and near 0 visibility driving rain within a boat length. We pop back out the other side into relatively calm conditions again.
6.48 n. 156.11 e.
Burning 1.3 gph at 4.8 knots on a heading of 86 degrees
There are many beautiful atolls in the area we would like to visit but are heading direct to Ponephi to address all of the boat issues related to poor quality control of the builder, Seahorse marine. They still have not responded to my request for info on the exploding batteries so I can replace them before the next leg of my journey.