July 2nd
06.43 n
154.08 e
6.1 knots burning 1.3 gph on a heading of 88 degrees
No wind. Still have that strange swell pattern coming from the west giving us a good push. The swell size has grown to 6-10 feet so there must be a big storm brewing somewhere in the southwest. The sea keeping characteristics and economy of George Buehler’s hull design continue to amaze me. Surfing down the face of large following swells is difficult for any trawler. The autopilot has had no problem whatsoever maintaining control.
Still no response from Bill at Seahorse regarding the exploding battery I need info to help me replace them when I get to Pohnpei and help determine what happened. You would think they would show a little concern considering Jordan or I could have been killed and the boat seriously damaged. I will probably end up replacing all 8 “no name” Chinese batteries with a top quality brand at a cost of around $8000+ USD. I took delivery of my boat only 1.5 years ago. These 8D size batteries are vey heavy at 100+ lbs each and very expensive so now the question is whether or not I can even get them to a remote location like Pohnpei.
There are two alternators on my engine. One is dedicated to charging the engine battery and the other is for the house batteries. I also have a 9kw generator on board. My boat usually stays completely charged by my solar and wind generator systems. There is not a lot of high capacity battery charging going on by the very large engine alternator or by my 9kw generator. My batteries are very lightly stressed due to the fact that all of my systems (refrigerator freezer black and fresh water systems boat electronics etc) are very highly efficient 24 volt systems. It appears that this battery was just defective.