June 30th. 8th consecutive day at sea. Not a good day. Two of our batteries exploded today. Two batteries make up one 24 volt bank. We have 4 banks. The boat has two fiberglass boxes each holding two banks. When the bank exploded it took out the other bank leaving us with 2 banks in a separate box. All of our electronics including radar autopilot AIS use these batteries. Refrigeration, water system etc run off of these batteries. The engine and generator have separate batteries. Fortunately the battery box lid was heavy and secured well plus the box is located under the master stateroom bed under a thick piece of plywood which limited the damage.
In a previous post I mentioned the clogged diesel fuel tank line. We tried to blow it out with 3000 psi of air at the valve located right on the tank with no luck. The valve is near the top of the tank that attaches to an internal pick up line going to the bottom of the tank.
We are one day away from Chuuk atoll with very limited services. We are four days from Ponephi with decent services. I have more than enough fuel in my other seven tanks so the clogged fuel line is not an issue. The electrical system seems to be operating fine with just my two remaining functioning banks of batteries. I am just operating with half capacity. We will monitor the remaining batteries very closely. So, the good news is that no one was hurt and we will continue on our way to a place we can hopefully make repairs. I just lost a few more brain cells from the fumes from the explosion.
6.29 n
149.41 e
Making 5.4 knots at 1.3 gph
Heading 86 degrees on a direct line for Ponephi.
Winds and seas almost completely calm except for the occasional squall.