July 9th blog

I reread my blog from the other day am I realized that it sounded really negative. It should not have. The grilled fish I had for dinner was excellent, especially considering it was only hours old. In places like this if you just go with flow you are rewarded. After eating such fresh fish I refuse to order fish in a USA restaurant. The freshness makes such a difference in the taste. The bad news is that most of these places do not have refrigeration, the good news is that means everything is brought in fresh everyday. Today, a fisherman stopped by and sold us a 30lb yellowfin tuna for $5.00. For $5.00 he even cleaned it for us. We will be having sushi tonight and bbq fish tomorrow night. The fresh fish wrapped in aluminum foil with a little balsamic vinegar dressing is my favorite put on the bbq is my favorite.
Below is a image I captured from radar. It shows one of those large squalls we encountered. As you can see it is relatively to steer around it because it is so concentrated. This picture was taken 100s of miles from land. The rain is so heavy it shows red on the radar.

Below is a picture of Moby Duck at anchor in the lagoon at Pohnpei.