July 4th. Arrived Ponephi. Final stats – 11.5 days at sea. 1449 nautical miles. Average 5.25 knots burning 1.3 gph. My fuel tank measurements show about 350 gallons burned which equates to what my gauge showed for hourly burn. The average includes our 1/2 – 1 hour daily swims so the speed should be slightly higher. With my fuel capacity that equates to 8000 mile range. I love not worrying about where the next fuel stop must be. We have done some motorsailing but no actually turn off the engine sailing. Looking forward to that.
We arrived at Ponephi in the evening. We are currently floating unpowered offshore waiting for first light to go through the tricky pass into the lagoon. The paravanes are deployed slowing drift and eliminating roll. We also have to check into the country and the immigration, quarantine, customs etc. do not open until late in the morning.
Seahorse has responded to my email offering help with my battery situation. I very much appreciate that.
After 12 days at sea it will be tough having to wear a shirt, underwear and shoes again. Clothing while on board consists of a pair of long inseam running shorts. They have a breathable quick drying liner and the exterior is very lightweight. We spend most of our time on the Bimini shade covered flybridge so sun protection is not that necessary. Looking forward to a long shower. My 24volt water maker is very small so fresh water is limited. Output of 8 gallons per hour is tiny compared to most water makers. But the good news is that it is so efficient it will run off the wind generator or solar panels. Showers consist of soaping up in the tropical downpours and then letting the rain do the work. Toilets are flushed and dishes are washed with salt water. We use very little fresh water. The water maker water is fine to drink and we also carrying enough bottled water to last months as a backup.