Wind and seas continue to be hitting us directly on the bow. Fortunate they are relatively light winds at 10-15 knots and only 3 foot seas but it still slows us down at least a knot and increases fuel consumption by about 13%. Should arrive in Majuro tomorrow. The weather has really changed as we move farther east. Much less heat and humidity with more cooling breezes.
Hopefully I can deal with my defective exploding battery issue in Majuro.
07.14 n
169.20 e
4.5 knots burning 1.5 gph on a course of 82 degrees.
Even with all of my new fishing gear we are still not catching much. Caught the two small fish the other day and now nothing. I wonder if the fish are found closer to land versus in the middle of the ocean? Need to research fish psychology when I get a decent internet connection. At least we are not loosing all of our expensive lures to sharks like what happened on our last leg of this voyage.
Two of my favorite things on the boat are my bread maker and small rice cooker. Very easy to throw a quick meal together when we strike out with our fishing. The boat has two small refrigerators and one chest type freezer which I stocked with at least a months worth of provisions. The stores on these small islands are stocked very infrequently with a very limited selection by ship from the USA, New Zealand or Australia so if you see something u like in stock u buy lots of it because there is good chance u will not see it again.