As we approach Majuro the weather has taken a turn for the worse. Actually we have been very lucky up until now. The weather we are currently experiencing is normal for this area. The trade winds and swell are directly on our bow decreasing speed and increasing fuel consumption. This is the reason boats don’t usually do a west to east crossing near the equator. The accepted route west to east is usually Japan to Alaska or New Zealand to South America. In these areas the swell and wind would be running with you.
I download the weather report daily through my satellite phone using a similar system to the one I use to send these emails to get posted to my blog. The weather report shows that in a couple of days the weather conditions will return to the same benign conditions that have helped us maintain the excellent fuel consumption and speed numbers to date. We have our fingers crossed especially with our 2 week plus crossing coming up from Majuro to Hawaii.
Smashed my knuckles today. Reinforces the fact that you have to be extra careful with any medical help days and 100s of miles away. The only first aid skills I remember are tourniquets and amputations learned from my days in Boy Scouts. After explaining that to my crew he has understandably declined my offers of medical assistance with his minor cuts and bruises.
07.13 n
167.27 e
Running at 4.2 knots burning 1.5 gph. Course 93 degrees with about 220 nautical miles to go until Majuro.
Closely monitoring our battery temperatures and so far so good even with no help from Seahorse Marine with regards to information on the charging system.