Our battery problems continue. The remaining batteries are not being charged properly. There is a digital controller that controls the whole charging process called a Balmar Max Charge MC-624. There are the 8 batteries that make up the “house” bank in addition to thruster batteries, and engine and generator start batteries to be monitored and charged properly. The Max Charge Is not programmed properly and the installation appears to be done incorrectly. Neither the owners manual or special tool to enable the programming menu were delivered with the boat. There is a digital readout on it with codes explaining exactly how it is operating that need an explanation. No intelligent response from Seahorse Marine after 4 email requests over 2 days. You would think they would understand the seriousness of getting this right after the battery exploded. If something happens to the remaining batteries we will be without the engine and electronics, reduced to hand steering to a compass using the sails as propulsion.
The weather has been perfect over the last couple of days with little winds or seas. 5.3 knots burning 1.3 gph.
07.12 n
165.26 e
Current heading of 94 degrees with about 340 miles to go until Majuro. The electronic charts show in very bold letters we are in an area of “Hazardous Missile Operations” as we get closer to Kwajalein Atoll and the large USA military base that is there. Bikini Atoll where they did the atomic bomb testing is also near by. Maybe time to check what my boat insurance covers
Caught a nice Wahoo and small Tuna for dinner. Our fishing luck is improving.