Zooming along at 6.1 knots burning 1.3 gph. Must be the favorable counter Equatorial current pushing us along because we even have 5 ft seas from the northeast hitting us almost on the nose and we are still maintaining this speed. No wind today so no sails to stabilize us so we are just rocking and rolling along.
07.06 n
162.07 e
165 e is the “official” boundary of the typhoon zone. I wonder if the typhoons know that. We will be out of the area in a day or so after coming 4000 miles through it from Hong Kong. Peace of mind.
2nd day at sea. 4 more to go to Majuro in the Marshall Islands. People ask what we do all day long to keep occupied. It helps to be much better than your crew at card games. Jordan, my crew, now owes me 21 In and Out burger meals. I have a feeling by the end of the trip I will be eating free there for the rest of my life. With the boat constantly moving and your body constantly adjusting it is like 24/7 isometric exercise. You wonder why you are always tired but really have not done anything. I usually lose 1 pound a day as a result of the exercise and eating healthier. I call it the boat diet. Sleeping is done in the “gumby” position flat on your stomach with legs and areas spread wide so you don’t roll off the bed. We do a lot of reading and spend a lot of time failing to catch fish. Tomorrow I put to work all I learned from the Pohnpei fishermen. Stay tuned….