At sea again. We left Pohnpei at about 3:00pm. After sitting at anchor for a week and testing what remains of my battery bank we decided that it will be good enough to at least get us to Majuro. Majuro in the Marshall Islands is about 750 miles away or about 6 days at sea.
One of the worst parts of cruising is checking in and out of countries. Each country has one or more designated ports of entry. Upon entering immigration, quarantine, customs and port control will either come to your boat or u have to visit all of their offices. Upon leaving u need to get clearance papers from all of the same agencies or u will have a major problem at your next port of call. This can be an all day process. For our exit we made appointments, we had to bring the boat to the commercial ship dock and scheduled with the various agencies for 9:00am. Also, u have to deal with the agencies in a certain order and all charge different fees. Order and fees vary by country. They did not show up until 2:00pm. This is typical.
So, first day at sea with 2 ft swells and 10 knots of wind from the northeast. Have the main and mizzen deployed mainly for stabilizing but still getting .5 of a knot extra. Burning 1.3 gph at 5.7 knots.
07.04 n
158.58 e
Course 88 degrees direct to Majuro.
Looking forward to trying out my new fishing gear.