July 11th update

How small is Pohnpei? A taxi will pick us up at the dock and it costs $1.00 to go anywhere in town. Outside the market we flag down a taxi. It turns out to be the same taxi that dropped us off. It seems that we are now on a first name basis with 1/2 of the people in town. The pineapple lady in the local market sees me coming and picks out the perfect one. Total cost $2.00. Fresh off of her tree and the sweetest i have ever tasted. The local fisherman stops by with his catch about every other day. Today he had a 70lb Wahoo he caught. We did not want the whole thing so he sold us a large filet for $10.00. Enough for 2+ meals. It is great that they even clean the fish for you. Again, the best I have ever tasted. These type of places off of the beaten tourist track definitely have their advantages with regards to local food freshness and cost.
Below is a picture of Moby Duck at anchor at some remote place in the Philippines that a friend took. I love my red boat. Over and over again when I have encountered 800ft tankers and container ships moving at 3 times my speed and have called them on the radio to ask if they have seen me I always get the same response – “are you that little red thing over there?”.