June 27th
5th consecutive day at sea. 10 knots wind 1-3 ft seas on the nose.
6.03 n
142.33 e
4.8 knots burning 1.2 gph
Heading 98 degrees
Slowed down by squall line after squall line hitting us from the west directly on the bow. This is why you need a bullet proof boat even when religiously checking the weather forecast. Forecast said 2-4 foot swell and 5-10 knots of wind. Some of these storm cells pack gale force winds, rain hard enough to limit visibility to a few feet and 10 foot breaking seas. Fortunately it only lasts an hour or so.
We had hoped to supplement our diet with lots of fresh caught fish like on the Philippines to Palau portion of the trip. We have now lost 5 of our 7 lures. We keep catching large sharks. As we try to retrieve the fish and lure something breaks and we lose everything. I think I need fishing lessons. The crew is not too unhappy because this just means more of Jef’s world famous spaghetti.
The boat now has 4000 miles on it. I had thought I had all of the issues worked out. Today while trying to transfer fuel I found the fuel line blocked from the bow tank. There is 178 gallons of fuel there. The boat has 8 tanks for my 2000 gallons of fuel so I will work around it until I can blow out the line with my 3000 psi scuba tank. Hopefully it is just some construction debris like I have found in my other tanks and easily cleared. My boat has 3 engine room fans. Two intake and one exhaust. Both intake fans have died. Fortunately seahorse sent me a replacement fan for the 1st fan that died while I was in Palau. They are really great about quickly sending spare parts to wherever u are at. I have a $10000+ spare parts package on the boat but of course what breaks is not included in the package. The engine room temp seems to be ok with just the two fans. Fortunately these are small issues and the boat is running great overall and I am very happy with it.