On the way to Hawaii from Majuro. Left this morning after making a quick 130 ft scuba dive to untie ourselves from the mooring. The mooring was in such poor condition we had rigged a safety line. Lucky we did this. Even though the weather report never predicted more than 15 knots of wind we got slammed by squalls with up to 38 knots of wind and driving rain for short periods of time.
Now while underway, As predicted the wind and swell are almost right on the nose. Very uncomfortable for the first day at sea when your body is still acclimating. Fortunately the wind is coming from enough of an angle we can fly the main and jib sails and get some stabilizing and a tiny bit of push. Only 2+ more weeks at sea and 1950 miles until we get there .
7 27 n
171 43 e
Running at 4.7 knots burning 1.4 gph on a heading of 60 degrees.