August 6th blog

As we prepare for our 2000 mile leg to Hawaii we are going through the boat and making sure everything is in perfect order. We were able to find two AGM 12v 200 amp hour batteries of excellent quality on the island. Energy is so expensive here that many people are moving towards renewable energy sources. A store recently opened that has wind generators, solar panels etc. and also has the batteries to go with those systems. They each weighed 140lbs each so getting them into the moving dinghy and onto the moving boat and trying to find a place for them was a major pain. Very thankful to have 23 year old crew member with a strong back. My boat is a 24v boat so I needed the two 12v batteries to make a 24v bank. When the existing bad batteries exploded they expanded outward inside the battery box effectively trapping themselves in there in a half melted mess. It will take cutting them into pieces to get them out. I will not attempt that here so I have to find a space for the new ones and buy new wires. In addition to the new batteries we are busy reprogramming the charging system regulator, changing fuel filters and oil filters, checking that all fittings are tight and lubing and greasing everything. We plan on doing a lot of sailing or at least having sail assist on this next leg so we are inspecting and adjusting the multitude of fittings that come with a sail rig. We wll be crossing the trade wind belt at a 45 degree upwind angle and leaving the counter equatorial current that has been a huge help so far so this will be interesting.
As we provision for the next leg I am doing a lot of thinking about what has worked so far and what has not with regards to food. As I said before the rice cooker and bread maker have been great. Bungy cord them securely to the custom fittings I have on the galley wall (I am on my second breadmaker after the first one went flying in rough seas and needed a burial at sea), add the simple ingredients and hit a button. In addition, we have found that we can use tortillas for most everything that we would use bread for and they freeze very well. Hopefully we will catch lots of fish on this next leg but are stocking up on frozen meats just in case. The fresh sushi and cooked fresh fish dinners have been a huge treat on this trip. Deli meats have worked very well. Being able to throw together a quick sandwich in rough seas with no mess is a big help. Eggs keep for a very long time. Those items and a hugh stock of every type of sauce known to mankind to help out the “cooking challenged” and we will be set to go.
We have finished all five seasons of Game of Thrones and looking forward to getting home and seeing season 6. We have now started on the Breaking Bad TV series from inception. It is really good too. Before leaving Mainland China we really stocked up at my favorite “video store” with every movie and TV series we ever wanted to see. The quality is excellent with most on Blu Ray.
We are planning on leaving on Tuesday for Hawaii. It is still hurricane season so we need to be very careful with regards to the weather. Not sure where we will end up in Hawaii yet. Need to find a temporary berth. The Honolulu area looks to be the most promising. We plan on just staying there just as long as it takes to provision again, refuel, and get a good weather window to make the last 2000+ mile leg to San Diego. I hate the word “schedule” which is incapable with safe and enjoyable cruising but I have loosely planned to be home by the end of the summer.
Monday we will spend the day checking out with Immigration, Customs, Quarantine and the Port Authority. Ugh!