The weather has changed for the worse. Back to seas and wind directly on the bow slowing us down dramatically. We should arrive at the Ala Wai marina in Honolulu first thing Saturday morning after 19 days at sea. Our plan is to spend a week there provisioning, refueling and doing general boat maintenance before heading to Hanalei Bay on Kauai by way of the Na Pali coast which will be our departure point for our final San Diego leg. Provisioning in the various Pacific islands was limited to a very small expensive selection. Looking forward to really stocking up in Hawaii. To give you an idea, a bag of chips ran $8.00 in Majuro and usually the expiration date had been exceeded or would be very close. You had to be careful because some of the stuff had been on the store shelves for years past the expiration date.
20 34 n
159 52 w
On a heading of 72 degrees running at 4.2 knots burning 1.5 gph.