19 25 n
163 05 w
I should clarify something I said in my last post. I said I would not do this voyage again. No, I would not undertake another 8000 mile voyage where the majority of the time I am fighting against the prevailing current, wind and swell. There is a reason that people only cross the mid Pacific Ocean east to west. That said, I love cruising and even with the challenges we have faced this voyage it has been a great experience. The efficiency and sea handling characteristics of the boat in these adverse conditions have been a real testament to George Buehler’s Diesel Duck design.
Another day of calm conditions. Not a cloud in sky with 5 knots of breeze and 2 feet of swell. Less than 300 miles from Honolulu. Currently burning 1.3 gph at 5.7 knots.
Our luck has not been very good with regards to arrival times. Every island we have arrived at has been at night which results in us having to float around offshore until daybreak. One of my main safety rules is that I will never enter an unfamiliar harbor at night. It looks like we will arrive Honolulu early in the evening. I try to slow down but it under loads the engine so badly that I prefer to just deploy the paravanes for stabilization and just float around outside the harbor entrance. Not very fun after 18 days at sea and you are dying for a hot juicy double bacon cheese burger and chocolate milk shake.