I felt an alien sensation last night on my watch. It is called “cold”. It was actually chilly on the flybridge in the breeze. I had to wear a shirt for the first time in weeks! Big difference in the weather at 18 degrees north versus the 7 degrees we have been cruising at for many months. The trade winds have died down. The Equatorial current that we have been fighting seems to be only farther south. There are no tropical storms within 1000+ miles of us so the large swells we have faced are slowly diminishing. All of this equates to speed increasing and fuel consumption dropping. We are “speeding” along at 5.6 knots burning 1.3 gph. If these conditions keep up we should arrive in Honolulu on the 26th after an almost exactly 2000 mile
passage. My preliminary numbers show we will have used about 575 gallons of fuel. That fuel was purchased in the Philippines at $2.00 a gallon. Having a large fuel tank like the 2000 gallon my Duck has allows you to refuel in the most inexpensive places and save a lot of money. The solar panels and wind generator kept the batteries fully charged. We never used the aux. diesel generator. A sailboat left Majuro about the same time we did. We have kept in touch by SSB (single side band). He will arrive Hawaii a week later than us due to having to catch the wind and not take a direct route and will burn through his 100 gallons of fuel purchased in Majuro at $4.65 a gallon to get him through the calm areas. Considering the much more comfortable conditions we enjoyed on our trawler and the time we saved, the additional money spent on fuel was well worth it.