Our 13th day at sea. Add a 36 hour long tropical storm coming from the Northeast to the already bad prevailing winds, seas, and currents coming from the Northeast and you get 3+ knots burning 1.8 gph. Very slow going with the large 8 foot head seas and violent squalls with strong winds. The boat handles these conditions with no problems whatsoever except for the dramatic reduction in speed. We put the transmission in neutral to haul in a beautiful 25 lb Dorado and the GPS showed us moving backwards at 1.7 knots. This gives u an idea of what we are fighting into. The weather is supposed to improve getting progressively better over the next four days. We will pick up some speed. The fresh Dorado sushi with fresh baked bread from the bread machine is a real treat. The constantly moving boat makes it very difficult to do much but read, eat, sleep and watch DVDs. So, not much going on. Hourly engine room checks just show the small 4 cylinder John Deere engine purring happil
y along as it has been for the last 275 hours non stop.
I have discovered that one of the more important attributes of a crew member, that u might not have thought of, is the ability for them to entertain themselves and stay happy in adverse conditions. This is a long trip in a small slow boat with not much to do.
16 02 n
170 38 w
Currently running at 3.8 knots burning 1.5 gph on a course of 59 degrees.