Spent most of the last day or so bashing into the Equatorial current and northeast trades and resulting 6 foot head seas. Down to 3.8 knots and 1.8 gph at times. It is amazing that the minute the wind shifted to a more westerly direction hitting us more on the beam than bow, which it did not too long ago, we can immediately deploy the sails for assist. Fuel consumption dropped to 1.3 and speed is now 5 knots. Not bad considering the large head seas and strong current are still with us.
Life has settled into a routine on Moby Duck as we finish our 10th day at sea. Reading, eating, sleeping, card games, not catching fish and watching DVDs. Jordan spends a lot of time writing his journal. Should be interesting reading coming from the perspective of a young guy who had never been on any boat smaller than a cruise ship and had not done much traveling outside our home city of Las Vegas. You could definitely use the word “different” to describe our experiences traveling through the way off the beaten tourist path areas of Mainland China, Hong Kong, Philippines, and now across the Pacific.
Halfway there!!! Still have not seen another boat or anything else for that matter but beautiful sunrises and sunsets, cloud formations and empty ocean.
14 34n
173 47 w
70 degree heading.