Starting our 7th day at sea. Still very slow going with wind, swell and current on the nose. Cruising at 3.5 knots burning 1.6 gph. The difference in speed compared to my usual 5+ knots could add almost 50% more time to our voyage if weather conditions do not improve. We have more than enough fuel on board and should have enough food. No reports of cannibalism yet. The good news is that the weather report for almost the whole next week is very good with the weather pattern changing. Hopefully, fingers crossed, we will see an end to these short interval steep seas that cause us to slow down so much and hobby horse so much. All boats have similar issues in these types of conditions. The stabilization devices on boats only help with the rolling or side to side motion. No one has invented anything yet that helps with the fore and aft motion. The swells are coming from a generally north easterly direction, the direction we need to go, so altering course does not help.
Oh well, this is cruising, we have had a spectacular trip so far so we just have to take the good with the bad.
11 42 n
179 50 w
About 650 miles out from Johnston Atoll on a heading of 67 degrees.