Starting our 6th day at sea as I write this. The title of this blog should be “Crossing the Pacific Ocean in the wrong direction very slowly”. We are down to 4 knots burning 1.5 gph. The current, wind and swells are directly on the nose as is normal for this time of year in this part of the world. Can’t help thinking how much more enjoyable this trip would be going with the weather. The only good news is that we are going so slowly some bad weather forecast will (hopefully) pass north of us. There is no question that the boat can handle these conditions very safely but it is very slow going. Jordan, my crew member, has now lost so many card games he owes me 43 In and Out Burgers. At this pace by the time we get home a good chunk of his college education fund will end up in my stomach.
It is very hard to do boat chores with the constant boat movement that really taxes and tires your body and kills your appetite so u end up napping, reading and watching a lot of shows from DVDs.
For those of u who don’t know, u can plug the following coordinates into google earth and see right where we are.
11 04 n
178 45 e
Heading 73 degrees.