I spoke too soon in my last blog regarding how happy we are to be leaving the area where violent squalls occur. We got slammed today for hours. The one issue with the Diesel Duck hard chime narrow hull design is that it performs very poorly in steep short interval head seas. Fuel consumption jumps dramatically and speed drops. For hours we burned 1.7 gph at 2.8 knots. At times we were down to 2 knots. When u only have 1500 gallons of fuel on board and 1500+ miles until your destination and u starting burning 1 gallon per 1 mile u really start to worry. This was with 25 knots of wind right on the bow in addition to the head seas. Of course the weather report showed 5-10 knots of wind. We tried sailing to save fuel but to catch the wind right we had to go so far off course it just was not practical. Strictly sailing at 4 knots our VMG to our destination was only 1.4 knots.
We caught a spectacular 30 lb Dorado today. We will be eating fish for a long time.
10 13 n
176 50 e
Currently running at 4.1 knots burning 1.4 gph as the wind and head seas have dropped on a course of 61 degrees. Main sail deployed for stability