The wind has died down to almost nothing. There are long rolling 3 foot seas. The sky is clear and the temperature is just about perfect in the light breeze. As we move farther east and north the change in weather has been dramatic with the humidity dropping along with the intensity and size of the squalls that pass through. With the smoothing of the seas speed has picked up to a very nice 5.2 knots burning a very economical 1.3 gph. Main sail is up for stability only. The weather forecast looks really good.
The only thing that could make it better is if we catch some more fish. A fisherman “expert” in Majuro told us to be successful you have to offer the fish a complete menu before selling us a large selection of different size and shape lures. Yes, we were suckers. He said when trolling you should have as many as 4 different lines out with a variety of lures. Sounds logical in theory but in practice it is not. When a large tuna gets hooked he swims all over the place entangling himself in the other trolling lines. It took us hours to get him reeled in and untangled. To say the least neither us or the fish were very happy. We definitely earned our dinner.
Third day at sea.
9 26 n
175 17 e
65 degree heading still on a direct course for Honolulu.