Still having battery problems after having two explode. I have two very large capacity alternators. Both alternators individually can charge all of my batteries including the engine start battery. It would be a nice redundant system if it worked correctly. One alternator is a Balmar and the other is a John Deere. The Balmar is controlled by a very high tech digital regular. The whole charging system was programmed and installed incorrectly by Seahorse Marine. I was able to correct the Balmar issues while I was in Majuro. I tried to correct the overcharging issue related to the John Deere alternator with some instructions given to me by Seahorse. I just need to shut it down before it destroys my remaining batteries. My Balmar alternator will handle all of the charging. After following their instructions I quickly realized they were incorrect when I tried to start the engine and the alternator froze seizing the belt. It appears you can’t just disconnect the wiring. The
alternator is not made to just free wheel. I am still waiting for a response to my email requesting specific instructions on how to shut down the John Deere alternator from Seahorse. You would think that them knowing I am on a 2000 mile open ocean passage that they would understand the urgency.
Some people sent me emails trying to help during my last passage that I discovered after arriving in Majuro and getting internet access. I appreciate that but have no way of retrieving those emails while at sea. At sea I can only communicate through my Iridium sat phone specific email address.
Second day at sea.
8 30 n
173 26 e
Cruising at 4.7 knots burning 1.3 gph on a course of 61 degrees direct to my Johnston atoll waypoint before Hawaii. Light winds with 4 foot head seas. Main sail deployed for stability.